How Does The SizeGenetics Extender Work?

The principle of SizeGenetics system work is very simple. Highly effective the Ultimate SizeGenetics package combines two approaches of penis enlargement. The first is penis extender device and the other is penis exercises program.

Combining these two methods you have a great opportunity to gain maximum and permanent achievements. Your penis has ability to gain up to 3 extra inches in the length and about one extra inch in the girth through this PE system. So, how does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics penis extender device

First let’s talk about penis extender device. SizeGenetics extender is medically backed device shaped for safe, natural and effective penis enlargement. It is made out of high quality and safe materials that guarantee comfortable PE journey. It comes with rubber padded comfort strap so you can enjoy while wearing the device.

sizegenetics comfort strap

Penis extender device is designed to be worn for the period of 6 months, every day for about 8 hours in order to gain maximum possible results from SizeGenetics. Of course, you can utilize it for fewer months but gains will be weaker as well. It is up to you and your plan on how long to wear it. Try to wear the device for approximately 5 hours daily, 5 months, and huge gains are guaranteed.

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I was utilizing it for such period and gained 2,1 inches in length and about a inch in girth. Penis extender work is based on traction force which gently pulls your penis forward causing cell duplication over time. It comes to fresh cells development that cause penis become longer and wider. The penis now gains increased blood flow and that’s the key factor for permanent penis enlargement. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Penis device is very comfy so you can wear it while your work, when going out for a walk, or at any other occasion. One good example on how SizeGenetics works is comparison to weight training. By lifting weight human muscle stretches and strains causing cell duplication. That results in bigger and firmer muscle that drives more blood, hence why it becomes so enhanced compared to shape before weight lifting. Same goes to penis.

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SizeGenetics video demonstration

Take a look at the video which demonstrates how SizeGenetics penis extender works. You will have a better picture what it is all about, and you will also understand why it is one of the most efficient ways to get a bigger penis.

Penis extender device comes with lots of extra spare parts as well as with security case and travel bag so you can take it with you, anywhere you go. Don’t forget SizeGenetics Ultimate system will:

  • Make your penis longer up to 3 inches and about one inch wider
  • Straighten your penis up to 70%
  • Improve erection and sexual drive due to larger penis
  • improve sexual life, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Plus lots more great benefits that will make you totally satisfied with your penis and your life at all.

SizeGenetics combines penis exercises

The second part of the Ultimate SizeGenetics system is PenisHealth penis exercises program. Those are clinically proven, highly effective exercises that will increase blood flow to your penis, correct problems regarding premature ejaculation, provide longer and harder erections, plus lots more.

man recommends sizegeneticsPenis exercises are very easy to perform and they require less than 10 minutes of practicing in order to achieve great results. In combination with penis extender device, they really give a boost to entire penis enlargement process and are worth every single minute of practicing.

You can combine exercising with penis extender – some exercises are welcome before you put the device on, and some are good to perform when the device is off. The best solution is to read instruction that comes within the package.

As you can see, this is what ranks SizeGenetics as no.1 PE product and separates it from other penis enlargement programs. Unlike useless pills, penis pumps or some stretchers, this is a two-way system that actually combines effective methods to extend the size of your penis. Medically backed penis extender + clinically proven penis exercises is the winning solution for you to become a perfect man with desired penis size!

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