Is SizeGenetics Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Recently I’ve received couple emails with questions like: is SizeGenetics scam? Does SizeGenetics actually work? And stuff like that, hence I decided to write an article on the subject if SizeGenetics is really a scam or not.

Questions like these are quite normal and expected from men who are not satisfied with current penis size and are searching for a proper way to improve it. As you know, there are dozens of PE products offered online and the question is what product actually works and is worth trying.

I can’t provide you full answer what products work and what do not, however I can guarantee SizeGenetics 100% works and this is not a scam product unlike many on the market, and you will see why, just keep reading. There are many facts that legitimates why SizeGenetics is not a scam product. Let’s mention them.

Why SizeGenetics is NOT a scam?

thumbs up for sizegeneticsFirst of all, I have been personally using this penis enlargement system for the period of 11 months and managed to get extra inches both in the length and the girth. My mission was to get penis bigger and I accomplished it!

This PE system is remarkable and weary easy to utilize. It consists of penis extender device and penis exercise program. This means it is based on 100% natural ways of penis enlargement. Penis extender uses traction force that gently moves penis forward over time and in combination with penis exercises, which are based on clinically proven exercises and techniques, you are guaranteed permanently longer and wider penis.

Sizegenetics featured in GQThis is the reason why I developed this website. To promote the product which actually helped my penis gains extra size. If you want in-depth analysis of how SizeGenetics works, just click here, otherwise continue reading this article. SizeGenetics is the only PE product that was featured on the BBC, Channel 4 and GQ magazine.

Such media attention surely sends clear message this product is far from scam junks. Yes, it is true there are lots of scammers like some penis pills, pumps and low budget extenders. But this is not a case with SizeGenetics.

In May 2008. year, James Mullinger from GQ magazine decided to try this penis extender device and, as expected, achieved enlargement by half an inch. However he said he did not wear the extender for recommended hours on a daily basis but the most important thing is, this media exposure was not paid at all and it is really one more great proof that this PE system works.

james mullinger from GQ


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More positive facts on SizeGenetics

sizegenetics medically backedHow about medical endorsements? The penis device has been present on the market for over 15 years (following minor but essential improvements) and it guarantees 100% safety – no injuries, pain or any side effects while you wear it on your penis.

It is developed under the EU standards, with high quality materials that provides comfortable and efficient penis enlargement. The device is medically backed by couple of well known specialists that work in this branch so if you want to read more about medically backed device, click here.

The next proof SizeGenetics is not on a scam list is its guarantee. Unlike many useless products,SizeGenetics offers very nice 6 month money back guarantee. It says if you do not achieve any gain for the period of 4 months of use, you are free to send the product back and claim for refund. You will get 100% full refund back.

Such confidence from the people behind SizeGenetics ensures they are dealing with serious product with the primary object to help men gain bigger penis size, not to scam them. I almost forget one more and maybe the most important thing! Beside me, there are lots of positive testimonials from men who managed to get larger penis with SizeGenetics PE system. So, more good proofs and if you want to read their success stories, just click here.

I believe you now understand SizeGenetics definitely is NOT a scam product. This is actually top rated PE system most people decide to use as a great tool for complete male enhancement. Hey, over 100.000 satisfied users across the world! This is something!

Do not be scammed by other fake PE solutions when you can use no.1, natural, safe, effective and unique 2-way penis enlargement system as the best solution to achieve desired penis size. Check out my detailed SizeGenetics review and see what else you get within SizeGenetics.

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